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Membership ~ Come Join Us And Bring a Friend!

Come Grow With Us As We Beautify Our Community!

Though our headquarters is in the beautiful city for which we are named, our membership is opened to the surrounding communities of northwest Broward County for ladies and gents.  We meet on the second Thursday of the month at 10:00 a.m.  and on the third Saturday from October through May.  We will be meeting at Mullins Hall on Thursdays and at Northwest Regional Library on Saturdays.  We have featured speakers, programs, demonstrations, films and videos on horticulture and the environment from varied locations.  Please see programs page for details.

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Benefits of Membership

Your membership will entitle you to:

  • Workshops, Lectures and Classes
  • Discounted admissions to select gardens and much more.

You will gain a wealth of gardening knowledge, become addicted to your garden, enjoy new friendships and feel good about your community!


We offer two categories of Membership.

ACTIVE: requires a minimum attendance at five of the eight General Meetings held each year on the second Thursday of the month-October through May. Active dues are $52 per year (this includes Membership in CS Garden Club, Fl. Federation of Garden Clubs & National Garden Club, District XI , and Deep South Garden Clubs.

CONTRIBUTING: for those who believe in the goals of our Club and would like to support our activities, but are unable to attend the required five meetings or events.  Contributing dues are $72 per year this includes Membership in CS Garden Club, Florida Federation of Garden Clubs & National Garden Club, District XI, and Deep South.

For your convenience, please click on the MEMBERSHIP REQUEST FORM at the bottom of this page below and send the completed New Member form and a check for ($52 Active) or ($72 Contributing) to: Garden Club of Coral Springs, P.O. Box 773334, Coral Springs, Florida 33077

** You can also pay online for your membership by selecting your preferred membership option below:  And email your form to


Membership Options


OFFICERS 2022 ~ 2023

President – Jeri Decker

V-President – Mary Anne McKay

Treasurer – Luanne Betz

Recording Secretary – Carol Johnson

Corresponding Secretary – Nancy Varillas



Hospitality                                                  Marietta Brown, Stella Hughes, Debbie Weatherly

Membership                                               Jeri Decker, Luanne Betz

Gardenfest                                                  Jeri Decker, Luanne Betz, June Bookal, David Thompson, Ken Decker

Yard of The Month                                   Ken Decker, Mary Anne McKay, Nancy DaSilva, Casey Lee, Carol Johnson

Plant Exchange                                          Carol Johnson, Debbie Weatherly, John Benckenstein,  Donna Benckenstein, Jeri Decker, Ken Decker

EarthFest, Trees                                        Ahkeem Desinor

Veterans Garden                                       Lynn Rochelle, Debbie Weatherly

Scholarships                                               Luanne Betz, Jill Kareff, Nancy Varillas, Dolores        Culver

Social Events

  1. Holiday Luncheon
  2. May Luncheon /Scholarships
  3. Summer Lunches

Shirts and Tee Shirts Sales                     Ken Decker  

Fund Raiser /Auction                               Mary Anne McKay

Penny Pines                                                  Sherry Swerdlow

Recycle Corks                                              Jeri Decker

Recycling other                                          Mary Anne McKay

Environmental School                             Jeri Decker

Social Media                                                Luanne Betz, Jeri Decker, Grace Boston

Telephone Network                                  June Bookal

Youth Gardening and School                Jeri Decker, Caryn Desinor, Nancy Varillas 

Webmaster                                                  Luanne Betz

Photographer                                             Jill Kareff

Name Tags                                                   Ken Decker

Trash to Treasures                                   Carol Johnson

Bee Pins                                                        Sandy Knebel

NEC                                                                Dotty Molski, Ken Decker, Casey Lee, Jeri Decker

Officer Job descriptions GCCS